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Woolf University

4650 W. Spencer St.
Suite L
Appleton, WI 54914

Phone: (650) 200-0558

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Woolf exists to promote academic excellence, broaden access to higher education, and guard values that are humane,

democratic and international. Above all, Woolf values freedom of thought, freedom of inquiry, and freedom of expression. We do this through our commitment to high-quality education and through widening the horizon of opportunity by

connecting students and quality academics across the world.

Through Woolf’s world-class software platform and programs students gain exposure to new ideas, new ways of

understanding, and new ways of learning. By uniting exceptional faculty with energized and galvanized students, Woolf is able to build an outstanding academic community leading to journeys of intellectual transformation. From this we hope that students will share their academic, intellectual and other talents in serving their communities across the world.

Woolf is committed to high quality classes, exceptional faculty, the utilization of technology where it can enhance quality

assurance, and the latest forms of academic scholarship to provide postive outcomes for students.