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Therasage EMC

PO Box 2223
Janesville, WI 53547

Phone: (866) 301-7486

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Therasage EMC is a 40-hour equine sports massage therapy certification program. This specialized course provides the education needed to help horses compete at their full potential. Our concept of what preventative maintenance massage therapy should be revolves around the horse as a whole. We have combined many unique methods of hands-on stretches, touch therapy, massage, and exercise mechanics with in-depth anatomy to create an outstanding program.

Upon completion, students will have a thorough understanding and practical skills of:

*Total-body equine massage

*Trigger Points

*Pre-and post event massage

*Discipline-specific massage

*Tendon and Ligament work

*Plus enhanced science, business skills, marketing and career/professional development

We take special pride in our certification program, and we are proud of the equine massage techniques, bodywork, reconditioning, disciplines, gait abnormalities and business/marketing strategies we teach.

At Therasage EMC we are dedicated to you. We believe it is our job to help you meet your goal of obtaining the highest degree of knowledge as a professional equine sports massage therapist practitioner.